New year//New Me - Hair Removal

Ok so the truth is, despite being part Hispanic and Puerto Rican I am quite fortunate to not have an excessive amount of body hair to begin with. I have my Chinese grandfather to thank for this...and yes I am a total “mutt” as far as my ethnicity goes. Thank God it doesn’t translate into body hair.  After this recent laser hair removal craze and seeing my gal pals running around with the underarms and upper lips of a prepubescent teenage dream, I knew it was my time to shine. The idea of not having to deal with shaving my pits and the occasional ingrown hair was quite appealing, however after researching local offices and finding out the dent in my bank account it would entail caused the idea to quickly fade away.  Until...I came across Luma RX mini which is a rechargeable, FDA approved, handheld, IPL device that you can use right from home.  Um, yes please! Results are supposed to be seen in just 3 treatments, which is once every other week so it’s about a month's time till I’m a hairless rat. Glorious.


  • How much is the device?

$379 but ONE average session at a LHR office is between $300-500 so get creative and get some of your besties to split the cost with you. After all, those who Luma together, stick together ;)

  • Does it hurt?

Its truthfully not that bad. Although, I do have a high pain tolerance after getting tattoos etc. I wouldn't say its unbearable. Unless you're a sissy. Beauty is pain from time to time, its just TRUE. 

  • Aren't you supposed to wear safety goggles?

The flash of light that you see is only part of the light produced by the LumaRX and should not be harmful to your eyes. The contact sensor is to ensure that most of the light is directed into the skin. Special eye protection is not needed as long as you follow all of the directions properly. In addition, the device should NOT be used on or around the eyes or eyebrows. 

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I will be updating you as the results become more clear (pun intended). Stay tuned xo