Makeup Primer Must Haves...

Just like a brand new car, a wooden table, or your nails before a manicure, the one thing they all have in common is the need for a primer or base coat before a beautiful paint job.  This is also true for your face before applying foundation and your eyelids before shadow.  That is if you want the best most flawless results anyway, of course you can apply without either but I wouldn't recommend it. Recently, I've found two new makeup primers and I just HAD to share the insider info/goodness with you guys.

First up, HEIR ATELIER $38, by Celeb Makeup Artist Kendra Richards.

Kendra is an unapologetic fanatic about creating flawless looking skin and believes that women want to look their best and that makeup is a tool to help achieve that. To be able to share her essential step in creating great looking makeup for her clients, Kendra worked with a chemist to bring you the serum she uses to prep the skin. Now you too can prep like a pro.

What I love in a good face primer for a total flawless look is moisture! Ladies, even though you might be an oilyer skin type (like me) it is still very important to prep your skin with something that has some sort of emollient. Otherwise your makeup begins to cake and collect in areas not allowing for the perfect blend in your blush, contour etc. #notgood #notcute 

This primer is great for all skin types which is fantastic!  It also has anti-aging peptides so its a total winner obvi, gotta keep that youthful glow going strong am I right?

Next up, for eyeshadow I have started using  AIR PATROL by Benefit Cosmetics and I have been so pleased with the longevity it offers my looks. Its a cream color so it goes great with any shadow and it has an SPF 20, we don't want sunburnt lids ladies. HA!

But in all know those days where you put in just a little extra  effort into your makeup and it looks freaking amazing, but the event or meeting you went to was short lived so you come home and dread taking everything off because you look so damn good? Yep! That is the feeling you will experience quite often when combining these two products.          #sorrynotsorry  #truth #yourewelcome


I wanna hear from you guys!

  • Do you typically use a primer? If so, which is your fav? 
  • What is your ultimate beauty must have product?