3 reasons handmade Valentines are better...


1. The obvious conclusion, its just more personal

Whether you are a newly wed like myself or relate more to a friend of mine that recently struck gold on Tinder with a young lass, hand making a v-day card takes the extra step and shows how much thought you put into the idea.  Now, a little piece of advice... My buddy is an exception to the rule with the tinder date sitch because the gal he's dating just so happens to be an artist so in no way did she think it was too soon or a tad creepy but found it rather endearing when he hand painted Thomas the Train and wrote "I Choo Choo Choose you!". Use your best judgement ;)

2. Its gets your creative juices flowing

Amazing things happen when you allow yourself some down time to be crafty and just freaking MAKE SOMETHING! Maybe you're single and fighting that bitter attitude today, fine... make a card for your mom, your gal pal, or heck even just for yourself! After all, experts say creativity can be a remedy for the blues. Boom, no excuses!

3. You are responsible for tangible memories

Go you!  In a culture where a lot of us struggle to put our damn phones down, turn our MacBooks on sleep, and actually make eye contact with our loved ones and have a quiet moment to exchange sweet nothings, creating a hand-made memory and keepsake will stand the test of time.  Looking back at my childhood this is something that stands out to me. My mother was a total pro at this which is maybe where I get it from. She journaled, she created, she made memories. I absolutely loved reading handwritten words from her years prior to when I was just a distant foreshadow in her dreams. So there you have it! Make tangible memories for your future children to one day look back on and appreciate. 

Happy Valentines Day - Love + Light xx