My Boho Birthday... / by Lynette Cenée

For my 29th birthday my only wish was to celebrate in a way that felt most like me, in a place that felt like home. This for me is anywhere in solitude, off the grid, with tons of cactus. Growing up in Tucson, AZ the desert has become something I crave as I get older. There's no beauty quite like it, and hey FYI before it was even trendy I was a desert boho princess okay?  My parents own land literally in the middle of no where and I grew up outside roaming the dry desert landscape with the rattlesnakes and prickly pear. Ironically, my soul is now quenched by being in this environment nowadays.  To get out of the busy hustle and bustle of LA, an easy getaway was Joshua Tree which is only about 2 hours away.  My good friend Diana (a fellow youtuber/blogger that you should totally follow) and I searched high and low for the perfect airbnb to rent for a few nights and we found this perfect "Desert Dreamhouse." #couplesretreat 

I would highly recommend visiting this magical little town if you have not already. A perfect place to snap photos (clearly had to take advantage of that opportunity) and to get a bit of a reset.  This was by far a birthday that I will never forget...

29 years old and counting... onward the adventure xx