The reimagined "FANNY PACK"... / by Lynette Cenée

belted bags

A fanny pack: AKA - belt pack, belly bag, buffalo pouch, hip sack, phanny pack, waist bag, waistpack, butt pack (US), waist wallet (Canada), hip pack (UK), belt bag (Philippines), bum bag (UK, Ireland, South America, Australia, New Zealand) or moon bag (South Africa), is a small fabric pouch usually secured with a zipper and worn by use of a strap around the hips or waist.

No longer are the days that it is limited to tourists, 40+ year old dads, or clowns making balloon animals adorning these "waist bags".  The fanny pack has been reimagined, and regretfully but openly I admit that I AM SO INTO THEM.  

Here are some options for you to consider:

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