The Ideal Boho Bag...

There are two main things that I can just never seem to curb my craving for more of when it comes to fashion items. For me, those are boots and bags!  I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect new addition to my ever-growing collection. My husband doesn't quite get the need for multiple items in the same vein style wise, but I constantly reassure him they all serve a specific function and purpose in my wardrobe. "I KNOW THEY LOOK SIMILAR BUT THESE ARE DIFFERENT I SWEAR!"  (11 pairs of black booties and at least 10 purses later...)

When I came across Boho Bags on instagram I salivated over each and every photo of the beautiful, free-spirited, gypsy babes that showcased the leather fringed satchels over their shoulders. I had to have one of my own, so I opted for something out of the norm that I typically gravitate towards which is black, and went for the white fringe bag instead. I am officially in love with this bag and have received countless compliments wherever I go.  

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