A person's true beauty, worth, and power are all found within. I call this “2-D Beauty” inward vs. outward.

With the correct guidance and training, anyone can learn to cultivate and unleash the power and confidence they were born with. Anyone can become the confident, powerful, positive, and limitless being of which they have always aspired to be. You owe it to yourself to harness the powers instilled in you from birth, and make the most of them, in order to become your best self!

That's why I have made it my personal mission to help others reach their highest potential. I have decided to create this “Reclaim Your Inner Magic” mentorship program and offer a personal, 1-on-1, coaching for those committed to their growth and the advancement towards becoming the person they have always been destined to be. In this program we will co-create a sistarhood that will walk alongside of you for life. We are all in this together, we need one another. You will learn the difference between “co-dependence” and the beauty of “inter-dependence.”

My coaching is style is completely centered around the relationship you have with yourself. We are going to rebuild the foundation of your self-worth and understanding of your value. If your confidence level is centered around external, temporary, or physical factors, it will be fleeting and difficult to maintain. Therefore, we will focus on building the foundation of confidence from within, so that it will be unshakable in the face of adversity.

What Will I Gain From Personal Coaching?

You will gain your power back baby! You will reclaim your inner MAGIC! 

Upon deciding to invest in yourself and commit to your self-improvement, you will gain more than you ever imagined. The possibilities of what you will achieve are endless.

The areas of focus of my coaching will include:

  • How to turn your pain into purpose

  • Body image + Self-Love

  • Rewiring your mindset for true confidence

  • How to break through ancestral patterns

  • Becoming self-aware + identifying strengths and weaknesses

  • How to move from “co-dependence” to “inter-dependence”

  • Preserving your new mindset for life

  • Being unapologetically YOU

  • How to bravely + boldly reclaim your inner magic!

How Can I Get Started?

Due to the potent + sacred nature of this program, I will only be taking 5 women for this first 6-week session.

This will allow me to better serve each client and cater fully to each individuals needs. 

The clients that I choose must be 100% committed to their personal growth and willing to invest in

themselves to finally create the ultimate mindset of confidence and self-love.

Clicking the button below will take you to the application. Please fill it out completely with your primary email. By submitting the form, you are asserting that you are aware of the intensive nature of my coaching and are therefore ready to dive deep into shifting your mindset and ready to transform your entire being

Please understand that I will be only selecting clients that are truly hungry and passionate about the change they need in their lives! Therefore, I have to be very selective in the interviewing process. Spots are also very limited so fill out the form ASAP.  If you are selected, you will be notified by email and given directions on booking a FREE introductory call to welcome you in and congratulate you for saying “YES.”